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Feb 21, 2020 English  |  Bahasa Indonesia

Service Program


Training & Comisioning
For keeping the quality of the equipment, operating system, and the proper daily care, PT Sahabat Agritama always provide satisfactory services through Training and Commissioning for new equipment we delivered. Since delivery to the site untill testing in the field. we will hold class training as well if necessary.  

Machine Inspection Program
To determine the overall condition of equipment we sold, we offer "Machine Inspection Program" which is by checking the whole machine. We do this by using state of the art tools. This inspection can be done on site. Checking report is inclusive of overall condition of the machine. And our customer will get  a recommendation of spare parts needed. 


Reconditioning Program
If you want your old machine working like when its new, this program is very appropriate. You will see performance of your old machine much better.  But all is done by considering the quality and cost efficiency to obtain the maximum result.


Mechanics Contract
We also provide Mechanics which work full time to help you controlling, supervising, maintaining, and repairing equipment at your site.

Maintenance Contract
We have a Maintenance Contract Program which is to maintain equipment regularly in accordance with Standard Operating Prochedure of Manufacturer. We will place our mechanics on site during contract period. 


service program