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Feb 21, 2020 English  |  Bahasa Indonesia

Service Overview



With the condition of the equipment primed and ready to operate is the ultimate desire of every consumer.

There is also a very efficient treatment cost, is also a major thing that is highly desired by every consumer.

To meet the desire of the consumer, we are of the PT Sahabat Agritama is ready to provide the best service, to all of the products we have.

Both of the warranty period or after the warranty runs out. Accordance with the conditions and desires of consumers.

Mechanics were trained and reliable, and support tools are complete and extensive service are scattered throughout the Indonesian region warrant the accuracy, completeness in process

improvement and analysis by our mechanics.

PT Sahabat Agritama can provide extra services in maintenance and repair of equipment, good in the consumer or in the field - golf course located in Indonesia, while the

PT Sahabat Agritama Workshop has already standarized and audited by the Service Manager JACOBSEN, which has been in training by JACOBSEN University.


service overview